Hermes Solution’s CEO Seung-Hoon Yu, Lectures at Yonsei University… Promoting the importance of functional safety (ISO 26262) and fostering automotive semiconductor talent

Mr. Seung-Hoon Yu, CEO of Hermes Solution, will be speaking at Yonsei University’s Automotive System Semiconductor Convergence Human Resources Center (ASRC) to promote functional safety for automotive semiconductors and actively foster future talent.

Mr. Yu, a leading consultant from TUV SUD Korea with 15 years of successful global projects in the field, will be teaching a newly opened lecture on ‘Semiconductor Functional Safety Design’ at Yonsei University’s Convergence Center for Automotive Systems and Semiconductors (ASRC) from the 8th of this month.

The course is an advanced semiconductor course in the electronics design track and includes practical functional safety (ISO 26262) content for automotive semiconductor design, from basic concepts to management, concept stage, system level, hardware safety requirements, hardware design, implementation, and verification.

Utilizing ISO 26262:2018, the international standard for Functional Safety for Automotive, this course covers functional safety requirements and guidelines throughout the entire life cycle of automotive semiconductor development to develop the ability to identify and analyze functional safety requirements for automotive systems, hardware, and software, and to contribute to industry development by training participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world projects through real-world examples and presentations that can only be experienced in the field.

Why is compliance with the functional safety standard (ISO 26262) important in automotive semiconductor development?

It plays an essential role in ensuring the safe operation and reliability of semiconductors used inside vehicles. In addition, functional safety is an essential requirement for semiconductors used in the development of autonomous driving systems, and the need for cybersecurity is also becoming increasingly important.

The functional safety standard (ISO 26262) is important primarily for the following reasons

Ensuring driver and passenger safety: Semiconductors inside the vehicle communicate with and control the various systems in the vehicle. If these semiconductors do not operate correctly and reliably, there is a direct risk to the safety of the driver and passengers. The functional safety standard (ISO 26262) defines the functions and criteria required for semiconductors to provide a safe driving environment and minimize potential risks.

Stability and reliability of vehicle operation: Many systems necessary for vehicle operation are controlled by semiconductors. For example, brake systems, airbag systems, and driving assistance systems rely on semiconductors to operate. These systems can cause malfunctions in electrical/electronic systems that can compromise the stability and reliability of vehicle operations. Functional safety standards ensure that these systems operate safely and correctly, improving the reliability of vehicle operations.

Compliance with regulatory and international standards: The functional safety standard, ISO 26262:2018, adds guidelines for automotive semiconductors in Part 11. Global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require that the semiconductors they use comply with standards for functional safety. Compliance helps them remain highly competitive in the global marketplace and reduces barriers to export and import of their products.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure safety and reliability by complying with the functional safety standard ISO 26262:2018 in the development of automotive semiconductors. This ensures the safety of drivers and passengers, and can improve the reliability of vehicle operations and competitiveness in international markets. The guidelines for automotive semiconductors are detailed in ISO 26262-11:2018.

Mr. Yu’s awareness of the ISO 26262 standard and his passion for fostering talent will go a long way in promoting safety and innovation in the development of automotive semiconductors. This will help students gain practical competence in functional safety, which is essential in the workplace, and will provide companies with the opportunity to recruit talent with expertise in functional safety.

Hermes Solutions will continue to work in various ways to develop highly safe automotive semiconductors and look forward to realizing a safe and convenient future-oriented mobility life through automotive semiconductors and autonomous driving technologies with functional safety.

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