Inha University Future Vehicle Technology Seminar Functional Safety ISO 26262 Speaker

Hermes Solutions CEO Seung Hoon Yu was invited to speak at Inha University’s Technology Seminar on the topic of ‘Innovative Functional Safety Trends for Autonomous Driving’.

Seung-Hoon Yu, CEO of Hermes Solution Co., Ltd., was invited to participate as a speaker at the technical seminar ‘Innovations and Trends in Future Mobility’ at the 2023 Future Automotive Performance Exchange and Technical Seminar hosted by Inha University on August 22, 2023 at Oakwood Premier Incheon. Mr. Yu spoke on the topic of ‘Innovative Functional Safety Trends for Autonomous Driving: Securing the Safety of Future Vehicles’ and discussed the need for ISO 26262 and functional safety concepts to be considered in autonomous vehicles.

The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Industrial Promotion Agency as part of a project to foster embedded system experts based on new industries to secure global technological competitiveness, and consisted of research results exchange, technical seminars, and industry-academia meetings on future automobiles, and was attended by consortium companies, participating professors, and participating researchers.

In addition to Mr. Yu, Jin-hyung Kim, CEO of AVL, and Seung-ho Lee, Executive Director of Obigo, spoke at the technical seminar.

Before introducing the contents of the presentation, ISO 26262 is an international standard for functional safety of electrical and electronic systems in automotive field, which contributes to reducing risks caused by malfunctions of electrical/electronic systems for various systems in vehicles such as brake systems, steering systems, and electronic control units. In other words, to protect human life from malfunctions of electrical/electronic systems, automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers are developing products in compliance with the functional safety standard such as ISO 26262:2018. In addition, with the development of autonomous driving technology, the importance of functional safety is becoming more prominent.

Innovative Functional Safety Trends for Autonomous Driving: Securing the Safety of the Future Vehicle Presentation Content

  • Background and Trends: With the advancement of autonomous driving technology, functional safety is becoming increasingly important, and traditional and electric vehicle manufacturers are increasingly incorporating functional safety into their product development. Learn how functional safety was introduced and the trends in product development.
  • How autonomous driving and functional safety relate: Explore why functional safety is important in autonomous driving systems and how they interact with each other.
  • Innovative functional safety technologies: Introduces innovative functional safety technologies for autonomous systems based on the latest technology trends. This includes aspects such as accident prevention and crash reduction, driving environment sensing, and effective response systems.
  • Future outlook and conclusions: Explore the future outlook for functional safety to ensure the safety of future vehicles.

In order to make it easier for participants who are not in the field to understand, the definition and importance of functional safety was conveyed through videos and presentations, starting with an explanation of the supply chain in the automotive industry, followed by an explanation of the ISO 26262 standard for automotive functional safety, which may be somewhat unfamiliar to some, and then to relevant researchers. In addition, during the question and answer period, it was recommended to refer to the site ‘KOREAN STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATION’ where you can check the Korean version of the standard to make functional safety more accessible. The detailed address of the site is attached below, and you can find it by searching for ISO 26262 in the search bar.

Finally, starting with this technical seminar, Hermes Solution will grow into a company that contributes to the development of core technologies for future automobiles by contributing to the training of specialized human resources and applying ISO 26262, the functional safety standard, widely.

If you have any further questions about ISO 26262, please refer to the links below.

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